Ulrich Dangel

I am currently working at Rapid7 as an Infrastructure Architect. Before I started a to work for Rapid7, I was a PhD student at University College Dublin in the Performance Engineering Lab. I am interested in Automation, Python, Devops as well as Intelligent Transportation Systems, Data acquisition and Data analysis for data produced throughout a city. Before I came to Dublin I worked at IBM Research Zurich as a Software Engineer in SmartGrids.

I worked on a wide variety of projects ranging from embedded development for navigation devices to mobile applications (native and HTML). Personally I am interested in Linux&Unix and all the involved technologies such as Networking, Configuration Management, Virtualisation etc.

You can contact me throughout a variety of channels such as e-mail: ulrich@dangel.im, twitter: @mr_ud, irc: mrud (freenode) and mru on other irc networks. From time to time I also answer questions on http://unix.stackexchange.com (User Profile)